Joanne just finished a brutal genetics midterm and really wanted to relax. So we stayed in, watched a couple comedies and headed over to the nearby White Spot at Oakridge. This worked out perfectly because I really wanted Joanne to try out White Spot’s new ribs that’s only offered for a limited time!

Half Rack Baby Back Ribs

We both got the slow roasted Half Rack Baby Back Ribs ($14.99) that comes with coleslaw and ‘endless’ signature fries. There’s also 3 distinct house-made sauces that you can choose from:

  1. Tennessee Whiskey: Bold chipotle BBQ combined w/ Jack Daniel’s whiskey
  2. Mississippi Mild: A blend of sweet red chili and bold BBQ
  3. Memphis Gold: Made with White Spot’s signature honey mustard for a tangy BBQ twist

I got the Tennessee that tasted alright in moderation. I found that it was a little bit too sweet, which is why I perferred Joanne’s Mississippi Mild.

Intercostal Muscles

The meat, the meat, the meat – it’s all about the carcass! It really surprised that White Spot could deliver such flavourful and tender intercostal muscles (fyi, that’s the meat between rib bones). I haven’t enjoyed ribs ever since Dem Bones permanently closed up shop in Richmond! … Those were good times :)

Clean Bone

I took this photo to really show that the meat came off the bone! Honestly, I did not strain my muscular fingers at all to achieve this clean bone :)


And of course, what’s a perfect date without froyo!? After dinner, we headed over to Qoola for some mango tango sorbet + pistachio froyo layered & topped with fruit, bursting bubbles, oreo and yoghurt chips! YUMMMMMMM :)

Overall, it was a great meal! The only thing I could complain about is the slow service… We basically had to wait around 25 minutes to be served our food. It’s not really a big deal, especially since the restaurant was packed that night. Nonetheless, we were super eager to get to Qoola before it closes!

Final Bytes

  1. You’d better hurry and try out the ribs because they’re only available for a limited time!
  2. The buttermilk chicken, which is also featured alongside the ribs, isn’t that great – quite flavourless.
  3. Dessert is only a few steps away!

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  • White Spot

    Thank you for taking the time to dine with us and write a review about our ribs menu. We’re happy to hear you enjoyed them. Nice pictures!! Hope to serve you again soon.

    • It was a great experience! Too bad the ribs are only here for a limited time! :(