Update: they pack WAY TOO MUCH MSG now… check out my new fav: Bon Cafe on Main!

Iced Espresso Black Coffee w/ Condensed Milk

If you walked around the rotunda and down the hallways in my old high school, you would hear hoards of teenagers yelling, “what da phoooooooo?!” Not quite sure how the rhapsodic trend came about in the first place, but I still find myself saying it from time to time haha!

The super meaningful moral of this anecdote is that I like pho – whether it be the verbal expression or the rice noodles in beef soup. And I’m here to share one of my absolute favourite pho places to eat at: Pho Viet in Richmond!

Espresso & Condensed Milk
Despite having snacked at Roaming Dragon just 20 minutes prior, hippoCHAN and I were still pretty hungry. As with most of my Vietnamese meals, I paired my pho with an Iced Espresso Black Coffee w/ Condensed Milk ($3.25).

Iced Espresso Black Coffee w/ Condensed Milk
I usually let the strong and aromatic coffee drip down just until I’m about to finish my pho. That way, I can finish off my lunch on a clean, crisp note with lasting flavours of sweet coffee.

#5: Rare steak, well-done beef flank, tripe
Speaking of pho, I ordered the Large #5 ($6.79): Rare steak, well-done flank and tripe. And yeah, that’s how I order… by the number :P  Since it’s pho, let’s keep it simple! Good amount of lean meat. Steaming broth with clean flavours. Perfectly cooked noodles.

Oh yeah, for those who typically don’t order rare steak, it cooks while you stir it around in the hot soup! Tastes so much better than just regular beef.

BBQ Lemongrass Chicken w/ Steamed Rice
hippoCHAN’s a big fan of lemongrass chicken, which led me to make my own homemade version – but more on that in another post. Yep, she got the BBQ Lemongrass Chicken on Steamed Rice ($7.25).

BBQ Lemongrass Chicken
It had a really nice charred look, but it didn’t feel or taste burnt. Instead, it was super flavourful and juicy! If I were ever rushing lunch, I’d definitely pack this one up for to-go :)

Final Bytes

  1. Cheap and tasty food!
  2. Waiters aren’t particularly cheery, but very efficient!
  3. Cash only!

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