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Miura Waffle + Milk Bar was located downtown somewhere along Davie St, until it moved to set up shop on Main. It’s been on my list for a while, and it’s finally close enough to justify a drive over.

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For those unfamiliar with Miura, it’s a waffle bar that pretty much replaces bread with waffles. Hence, their main product is the “Sando,” which is derived from the Japanese word for sandwiches – sandowicchi.

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Their daily special Green Tea Milkshake ($5.99) was superb. It wasn’t icy at all, yet still thick and cold. Three simple ingredients: ice cream, milk and matcha powder. Rich flavour, not watery like Starbucks.

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hippoCHAN and I wanted to experience both sides of the waffle, so we ordered two – one savoury and the other sweet. First off was the GFC ($7.99), aka the Garlic Fried Chicken. The filling was as flavourful as it was aromatic; the waffle was bland, though. Aside from the garlic, there was also teriyaki sauce, which got a tad too sweet by the end.

While it was tasty, the chicken and waffle could have been crispier. In fact, the chicken didn’t even feel remotely deep-fried.

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If I were to return to Miura, I would definitely stick with the savoury waffles. Why? Because their Fruits & Cream ($6.99) was an utter disappointment, even though it’s supposedly the “#1 Sweet Sando.” The seasonal fruit was strawberry… to be more precise, the seasonal fruits were two strawberries.

There was also a little bit of custard that was completely masked by some whipping cream (assuming that there was custard to begin with). Overall, it was like eating a plain waffle… that also wasn’t crispy like the first one.

Final Bytes

  1. Interesting milkshakes like the Corny – sweet corn mixed with vanilla
  2. Serves beer
  3. Street parking available

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  • Min Hee

    Looks very delicious, though I think it is in a wrong place.
    I came to find Korean food, but it’s Japanese :) btw- your blog is fabulous!

    • Thanks for dropping by! and thanks for correcting my mistake ^_^