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[NYC] Lady M: Green Tea Mille Crepes

Woo wee! Now that the holidays are finally over, it’s time to get back into blogging. Yes, I know it’s the 15th already. Clearly, being consistent wasn’t one of my New Years resolutions.

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When I was in New York, hippoCHAN would often surprise me with a dessert that she got after finishing class. The first one she brought back was from Lady M. I hear there are often line ups outside this confectionary boutique… I guess people like it so much that Lady M actually ships to Canada. Shipping a cake… that’s a first for me LOL.

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hippoCHAN picked the Green Tea Mille Crepes, which is an assembly of no less than 20 lacy thin crepes, pastry cream and green tea powder. We tried counting the layers, but we soon got impatient and just started eating it. So we’ll just have to take Lady M’s word for it that there are at least 20 layers.

It had a pleasant spongey chew. Each layer held its own texturally, so it wasn’t like a singular block of mushy crepes. The pastry cream was light and enriched with the deep green tea powder.

However, at 8 bucks a pop… it wasn’t that mind-blowing, but I understand the time and effort it takes to create such thin crepes and layer them one by one.

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