Hello All!

So for my food theory class at UBC, we had an assignment to create a simple consumer article for a food of our choice.  Since I’ve always been curious about kale, I decided to select that as my focus.  It’s praised as a superfood and is pretty trendy at the moment.

The handout talks about kale and its nutritional value, preparation methods and proper ways of storage.  As well, there’s some handy purchasing tips and simple recipes for the novice shopper!  Click the image below to download the PDF :)


* Featured image is sourced from http://healthishappiness.com

  • Amanda Nguyen

    I’ve recently been introduced to “juicing” from my skinny-body maniac sisters. I have been using Kale as one of the main ingredients in my home-made juices. I’ve been wondering if, when using a juicer, are you taking out most of the nutrients out of the ingredients?

    • That’s awesome! Using a juicer actually retains the MOST nutrients because there’s no cooking involved. Many nutrients, including the abundant amount of vitamin C in kale, are destroyed by heat. Also, nutrients in the form of liquids (vs solid food) are faster absorbed by the body since it’s already mechanically broken down :) Hope this helps, and happy juicing!