After realizing how expensive dinner at  Mongolian Hotpot was, Joanne and I decided to head on over to SCWH.  We wanted a simple meal, so we ordered…

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs with Shrimp,

Free Range Soy Sauce Chicken

Free Range Soy Sauce Chicken,

Holy Veggie

and Garlic Stir-fried “Holy” Vegetables! I’m not sure what its proper name is, so I just decided to call it “holy” because it’s stems are hollow!

Disclosure: SCWH is owned by my family, but all opinions are my own.

Specialty Chicken & Wonton House 農場雞莊 on Urbanspoon

  • Patricia

    I <3 free range chicken but the horrible waitress isn't worth coming back, do u know other similar restaurants? Preferably in Richmond

    • Hey Patricia! Yeah, free range is the way to go :) Unfortunately, I don’t know of any similar restaurants ‘cos I just eat here :P

      May I ask what happened with the waitress?

  • Nelson Chan

    Maybe a disclosure on this post regarding your family owning this restaurant? It does effect your credibility.

    • Hey Nelson,

      Thanks for your comment and concern. The reason why I didn’t include a disclosure on this two year old post was because I felt that I didn’t really comment on any of the dishes. I didn’t praise them or anything; I didn’t even include a rating at the bottom. If you check out the category that this post is listed under – namely “snapshots” – I intended this post to be a general sharing of my dinner, not so much a “review.” I thought of it as an “instragram-ish” post so to speak. Nevertheless, I’ll keep your words in mind when I publish my future posts! :)

      Thanks for dropping by!