So long overdue, but here’s my EAT! Vancouver highlights!

IMG 2578

Earth’s Own (… not Earth’s Oven as I first read it) was offering samples of their Organic So Nice Almond Milk! It was super refreshing and tasted better than my homemade almond milk (and 100x more convenient). I actually started buying this product after EAT! Vancouver.

IMG 2585

Everything’s made of quinoa nowadays. These Eat Real Quinoa Chips were quite tasty. They sorta reminded me of Sun Chips.

IMG 2586

Quinoa Granola! Told ya everything’s made of quinoa!

IMG 2593

Liberte is one of my favourite yogurts :) That, and IOGO!

IMG 2595

Daiya is a dairy-free cheese alternative. Surpringly, these little pizza slices were really tasty! Even though Daiya can’t completely replace dairy-full cheese in my life, they’re a great option to have.

Otimo Brazilian Style Cheese Puffs were one of my faves. Warm + soft + cheese + spices = yum!

hippoCHAN and I actually visited the Smoked Salmon station twice to double up on samples… you know, for science. Plus, the salmon was so darn tasty!

IMG 2606

Pure Leaf Real Brewed Tea were really refreshing. I preferred the unsweetened kind, but the raspberry flavour was good as well.

Urban Fare was grilling up burgers. Aside from the delicious meat, the awesome thing was that all proceeds went to Children’s Hospital! Donating made the burger taste extra good.

Kitchening & Co. had an amazing display of macarons! hippoCHAN and I couldn’t resist but buy half a dozen! My favourite was the pistachio :)

IMac 2014 10 11 at 4 19 51 PM

Hint Fizz was the most ridiculous product I’ve ever seen… in my entire life… seriously. Gluten free, vegan and kosher water. Like Ceci said, I’d be worried if water wasn’t gluten free, vegan or kosher. To stir things up, I asked the rep, “What’s gluten?” – to which he replied, “Ughhh… it’s sorta like a chemical in other types of water.” Sounds legit.