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Yolks Food Cart: Chicken & Waffles

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While Shrimpo and I were making our way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and we were Vancouver-Home+Design-Show-bound… I was pretty hungry so I dropped by Yolks the Food Cart for a small snack. Shrimpo didn’t order anything due to the fear of losing her appetite for pho later on in the day. Priorities.

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I’ve had deep fried chicken before. That’s true for waffles as well. But, I’ve never had them in combination… until Yolks. Their Chicken & Waffles ($11.75) was made of fried organic chicken, topped with gravy and syrup, served on a waffle and dusted with icing sugar.

Right off the bat, the dish had great presentation: crispy chicken sandwiched between two waffles with sauce flowing over its sides. However, I thought it was too sweet, casting a dark shadow over the savouriness of the gravy. Also, the waffle was a tad too soft. I would’ve liked it with more crispiness to add some texture.

IMG 5283

Adding Sriracha and Calypso helped tone down the sugar and raise the heat.

Final Bytes

  1. Open 8am-2pm M-F, 9-2 on weekends
  2. Accepts credit card
  3. Someone point me to some good chicken n’ waffles!


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