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It’s my mom’s birthday today, so I decided to treat her to a special dinner. Someone recommended West Oak Restaurant in Yaletown, claiming that it uses the highest quality ingredients such as natural grass-fed beef, free range chicken, Ocean wise seafood, etc. According to their website, West Oak “pride[s] [themselves] on [their] food, service and atmosphere.” I can’t comment on the food itself because I didn’t have any… but that’s because I caught a glimpse of their service – or complete lack thereof.

I made my 7:00pm reservation a week ago, and they called to confirm today. When we walked into West Oak, there was no one by the front to greet guests. No big deal – not every restaurant has a stationed greeter.

Not long after, I see a waitress/hostess walk toward us. I said hi, but she didn’t respond. She didn’t even bat an eyelash. There were two possible reasons for what ensued. One, my parents and I spontaneously developed the super power to become invisible. Two, she didn’t give a sh*t because she was too focussed on greeting the two men who walked in behind us.

I’m being completely honest and literal right now… she walked RIGHT PAST our family to freaking hug those two dudes for well over a minute. We were standing there in disbelief as her hands actually caressed the backs of those men. What the f*ck? Are you serious?!!!! I have no idea why West Oak would “take pride” in their service because it SUCKS. AND DISRESPECTFUL. AND HOW DID SHE LAND THAT JOB?!

My dad was absolutely FURIOUS. We turned around and walked straight out the doors. We didn’t look back, but she was probably still latched onto the guys like a Remora.


This is a Remora. It’s a ray-finned fish in the order Perciformes. They’re also known as “suckerfishers” because they suction their mouthes onto larger marine animals.

Even if it wasn’t my mom’s birthday… even if I didn’t place a reservation a week in advance… even if I didn’t say hi to you… THAT IS NO WAY TO TREAT ANY CUSTOMER. Needless to say, I will never ever dine at this restaurant.

After we stormed out of West Oak, we immediately decided to go next door to the Keg Steakhouse. We approached the doors, and BAM – a greeter opened the doors for us. They welcomed us with great smiles and attention, and promptly seated us. At the end of our dinner, my mom even got a special birthday Billy Miner Pie cake with a candle! Everyone, from the servers to the managers, were incredibly attentive and friendly to us – THAT is how restaurants should treat their customers.

West Oak… what a joke.

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  • tila

    hahahah god i love you, that’s super bad service. It sucks when probably the restaurant might of been good, but they just hire the wrong people, tsk tsk

    • yeah it’s just too bad… I was super looking forward to having dinner there. But oh well, there’s plenty of places out there :D