Welcome to the New Foodobyte


Welcome to my brand new website! I spent roughly 2 months customizing a theme that I bought. Other than learning basic HTML (not even HTML5), I have absolutely no education in coding.

So how did I do this?

Google. I googled everything. Hundreds of lines of code. Hours of experimentation. I also looked at other premium themes for inspiration.

This theme is fully responsive, meaning that the content and website structure will adapt to the window size of your Internet browser. As well, I installed a plugin that supercharges the search function so that you can easily find your next meal.

Most importantly, all the images of my latest posts are bigger. That way, you can see every morsel of food that I devour. Also, if you click onto a photo, you’ll enter GALLERY MODE: full-screen food photography. Use the keyboard arrows to navigate left and right.

Give it a try:

Jerk Chicken Tacos Amber and Brun Beers

Just for comparison, here’s a screenshot of my old theme:

Old Theme

I really hope that you enjoy my new website. I worked tirelessly on it just so I can further improve your reading experience. If you really really like my website, please press the SUBSCRIBE button below, and enter your email to receive updates whenever I release posts!

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Thank you!

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  • hippoCHAN

    loveeeeee your new blog! :D

  • Kirby

    love your new format as well!!! Lookin’ good! :D

    • thanks Kirby!! can’t wait until our next foodie adventure!

  • LOVE the new layout Curtis! Good jorrrb :)