Sauder has them, Science has them… even Forestry has them! What am I referring to? FACULTY T-SHIRTS (or any other type of clothing)! Being a part of one of the smallest faculties in UBC – Land and Food Systems – I was never able to wear any LFS gear just because there weren’t any! I was going to design a LFS shirt back in first year, but I gave up on that… Now that I’ve finally entered Dietetics, the major of my dreams, I was super motivated to open up my Photoshop and start designing!

Here’s the front template for my future shirt or sweater (haven’t decided yet). It features a newly discovered element: Dietitianium. This element is so godly that its atomic number is literally over 9000! The front also highlights my actual weight in Daltons :)

Here’s the back template! Chemists must be pissed because I only have 5 electrons for an element with atomic number 9001! It’s a classic atom representation of the new Dietitianium element. Of course, I have to show off that I’m from UBC: the best school in the Milky Way! And you might be wondering why “Synthesized 2015”? Well, the dietetics program has an internship that takes place in year 5, so I would be graduating by 2015! :)

I’m super excited to wear this on the first day of school! Can’t wait to make the other 37 dietetics students uberly jelly :)

  • Engineering doesn’t have faculty t-shirts :( Though all frosh kids get shirts in the first year.

    • Foodobyte

      Well at least the frosh kids get em! on imagine day, all we got were cow bells…

  • Kristy

    This is friggin’ awesome !! I’m planning to enter dietetics next year for grad 2016, we need to keep these shirts coming!

    • Awesome!!! I wish you the best of luck!! :D

  • Georesources

    Hi Curtis,
    Are you making these to sell or just for fun? My girlfriend graduated from the same program in Nov 2014. Might need to change the synthesized year, but chance I “buy” one off you? Thanks.

    • Hey Georesources!

      I’m glad you like it! I was going to print these off, but I ended up creating a new design for print in my 4h year. So I’m not exactly selling it, but feel free to use my design for your girlfriend!