After many years of inactivity, I’ve finally landed a job! And with a great job comes the responsibility of finding places to have quick lunches so that I don’t exceed my 30 minutes! Tractor Foods along West 4th was my first find, and a great one at that. Its focus is everyday healthy foods. It’s a cafeteria-style spot where you place your order and slide your tray toward the cashier, picking up food along the way. For sandwiches and items that require additional cooking, you take a number and a server will bring the food to your table.

Chicken Sandwich

I was really excited to share my discovery with hippoCHAN so I brought her here for lunch as soon as we were free. She ordered a full Chicken Sandwich ($9). It’s made of free run organic chicken breast, tomato, fennel, basil, provolone and cranberry bread. It’s pressed on a panini grill right before service so it was warm and crispy.

This is the type of sandwich that won’t bog you down after eating it. It’s light, flavourful and wholesome.

Beef Sandwich

I ordered the full Beef Sandwich ($9). I can’t quite remember what was in it, but it wasn’t as good as the chicken. I don’t think this was a usual menu item because I’ve only seen it once. Typically, there’s three different sandwiches: chicken, european ham and veggie.

Tomato Fennel Soup

What’s a sandwich without a soup? It’s like a world with salt, but no pepper; one cannot exist without the other. Thus, we ordered the Tomato & Fennel Soup ($5). By far, this soup is my favourite item at Tractor. It’s spicy, slightly tangy and overall body-warming. The fennel also stands out beautifully. Don’t be afraid of dunking your sandwich into this delicious bowl of soup!

Final Bytes

  1. Awesome place for a quick lunch!
  2. Serves up healthy salads and other proteins
  3. Half sandwich + soup is already quite filling

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