This post is long overdue! Last year (yep, 2013…), I attended Tasting Plates North Vancouver. Thankfully, I took some notes on the dishes so I actually have something to write about – let’s begin!

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The registration point was Cafe for Contemporary Art. Between a Hibiscus Iced Tea and Thai Iced Latte, I picked the latter, which instantly reminded me of the iced coffees at Vietnamese restaurants. It was super smooth and refreshing, especially on the warm summer’s day.

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Their tacos took me by surprise. I would’ve never expected a cafe to make them so fresh and delicious. The A la Vida (on the left) was a panko-breaded bass with salsa rona, pumpkin mole, guacamole and coleslaw. As an avid meat eater, it was surprising that my favourite was the Rhona-Maria, which had spicy roasted yam, pumpkin mole, habanero mango salsa, guacamole and lettuce.

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Our next stop was Fishworks for some Shucked Oysters w/ Shallot Mignonette. I’m usually not a fan of raw oysters, but the dressing really made them enjoyable for me.

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After scrambling around looking for El Matador, we discovered that it was discreetly located beneath a Starbucks. Their tasting plate had Chorizo Tapa & Spicy Shrimp Pinxo with a few olives.

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I’m always interested in fusion food because some chefs can really get creative with it. At Gusto di Quattro, I had an Oriental-inspired Noodle Salad. It may look like a humble box of noodles, but it was packed with flavourful ingredients like roasted tomatoes, pickled vegetables, and pops of sweet corn.

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Anatoli Souvlaki served us Braised Country Lamb, Prawns in Tomato Feta Ouzo Sauce, Spanakopita & Pita w/ Taramosalata.

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I love reading material when eating, so I especially liked The District’s Frites, served with either garlic mayo or ketchup. They were fried perfectly and the garlic mayo… yum!

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The last stop was Pier 7. From left to right, there was a Herb Marinated Prawn, West Coast Oyster & Tuna Gomae.

Thanks again Sean for inviting me. I had a blast dining and dashing with you, Sherman and Viv!

The next Tasting Plates features Gastown restaurants, and tickets are available for sale here.

Disclosure: I was invited as Sean’s guest, so my ticket was complementary, but all views are my own.

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