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Takayama Ramen: Food Court Ramen

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Takayama Ramen is a small ramen shop hidden on a second floor food court. While I’ve never experienced a long line up here like at Santouka and Kintaro, Takayama dishes out some respectable ramen. They use absolutely no MSG and make their ramen in-house.

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hippoCHAN ordered the Miso Ramen ($8), topped with bamboo shoots, scallions and nori. Their tender cha-shu is made with barley-fed pork loin.

IMG 2180

I tried one of their chicken-based ramen, Hida Chuka ($7). It tasted significantly lighter compared to the usual pork-based ones, yet it was still quite flavourful.

IMG 2181

My bowl had the same toppings as hippoCHAN’s and the noodles were spot-on al dente.

IMG 2184

I was surprised to learn that Takayama made their Gyoza ($4) with premium kurobuta pork. They were juicy and flavourful without being overly salty. Although, they did take a while to arrive at our table as compared to our ramen. Oh well!

No doubt, Takayama is a hidden gem. For a chill eating atmosphere, Takayama has an entire food court’s worth of seating. No need to cram into a tiny ramen box.

Final Bytes

  1. Ask for extra noodles at no charge!
  2. Not as many toppings as Kintaro
  3. Super affordable

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