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Food truck. Commissary. Now there’s Tacofino’s Taco Bar! It’s located in Gastown and paired up with its Burrito Bar. What’s the difference? The Taco Bar is more of a sit-down setup while Burrito dishes quick take-outs, but still has the fish taco available.

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I found it weird how the Fish Taco was a dollar cheaper on the Burrito Bar side, even though it’s from the same kitchen.

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Grape and I wanted some more variety, so we picked the Taco Bar side since it had the larger menu.

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We started off with the Guac and Dips ($12) served with chips. The green one was obviously the guac. The purplish one was the black bean and the last one was chickpea (like a grainier hummus).

The green and purple were solid. I think I might’ve actually enjoyed the black bean more than the guac… even though I’m a huge lover of avocado.

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At Tacofino Commissary on East Hastings , I had my first Tacofino taco ever: the Fish Taco, made with pacific cod, salsa fresca, and chipotle mayo. It was awesome. But oddly enough, it was only okay this time around at the Gastown location. Not sure if it was the oil or the cook, but the fish just wasn’t fried well enough to withstand the moistness of the salsa.

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My other taco of the night was the Crispy Chicken Taco ($6), topped with pickled vegetables, epazote chimichurri and buttermilk chili crema. It wasn’t that memorable, and again, could use better frying.

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Grape’s Octopus Tostada ($11) had great flavour with its avocado-jalapeno cream and chili oil. However, it was a bit difficult to eat the tostada… it was like trying to eat a plate without spilling everything.

Overall, I don’t think I would be missing much if I just went to the Burrito Bar that’s literally a few steps away. Either way, I prefer its Commissary location.

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