A couple days ago, my dad asked me to come down to 農場雞莊 (Specialty Chicken & Wonton House) to help out and take a few photos for the new menu he’s offering. So, we set up my tiny Canon S100 on a tripod… because he prefers the aerial-view-ish style for the menu. However, in between dishes, I started to take some close up shots just for my own posting :)

Handmade Free Range Chicken Dumplings

To kick things off, we have the Handmade Free Range Chicken Dumplings! If I’m not mistaken, we are the first ones to offer this type of dumpling since other restaurants mainly stuff them with pork or just regular chicken. Free ranges chickens are allowed to roam free, instead of being contained in overcrowded pens. Consequently, they have higher quality, more flavourful and leaner meat.

Fish Soup Noodles w/ Dumplings

SCWH also offers the dumplings with our housemade Fish Soup Noodles that has absolutely no MSG.

Fish Soup Noodles w/ Dumplings Upclose

The dumplings can be coupled with many other different toppings, noodles and soup bases!

Deep Fried Baby Cuttlefish w/ Garlic

These sort of remind me of squid, but they’re actually Deep Fried Baby Cuttlefish w/ Garlic. I didn’t get a chance to try these ‘cos the staff ate all it… maybe next time :P

Chinese Green Onion Pancake

Like the free range chicken dumpling, the Chinese Green Onion Pancake is also handcrafted! It’s crispy on the outside while being soft with a little bit of a chew on the inside.

Chinese Green Onion Pancake Stacked

Here I stacked the pancake slices to show you the filling :)

Deep Fried Tofu Skin w/ Chili Salt, Green Onion and Garlic

I’m sure many of you have eaten deep fried tofu, but what about the skin? Well, SCWH is now cooking up Deep Fried Tofu Skin w/ Chili Salt, Green Onion & Garlic! Without the tofu centre, it’s all crunch crunch crunch, which is the best part anyway :P

Golden Pompano

Finally, there’s the Golden Pompano! Because this fish is cooked whole, the inside still remains very moist :)

All these new dishes will be available next week! So, be sure to give them a try :) And, don’t forget to order the Soy Sauce Free Range Chicken, our most popular dish for 14 years!

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  • John Carlos

    Looks like it’s worth a trip up North. Great blog by the way.

    • Haha, hope you drop by! Thanks for the compliments :)