Shishinori is an ultra cute Japanese restaurant that serves healthy and beautiful meals. In an attempt to be healthy, Grape and I picked Shishinori for our post-workout meal. However, I’ve previously heard rumblings of the small protein portions, so I gulped down some whey before going.

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I ordered the Hawaii Ahi Poke Bowl ($12). It came in three flavours: spicy, shoyo, and wasabi. I was deciding between spicy and wasabi… I struggled because they’re both spicy LOL. In the end, I settled on spicy based on the server’s recommendation.

It was essentially spicy tuna, which I love as a sushi roll. As I expected, there wasn’t much protein. Some chunks of tuna were quite chewy too. The meal also came with brown rice and a lightly dressed salad topped with berries and avocado.

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For an additional $2.50, I combo’d a Magic Lychee Ice Tea and Enoki Miso Soup. Both tasted great, and I would pick those again.

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Grape ordered the Ahi Tuna Carpaccio ($12) that was plated with similar sides. She got the Creamy Strawberry Ice Tea, which she thought was just okay.

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The Matcha Parfait ($6.7) was a cup full of matcha soft serve, taro ice cake, corn flakes, coffee jelly, gum drops, wafer and pocky sticks. This easily beat Soft Peaks and their soft serve parfaits.

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Shishinori excels on presentation, but drops the ball on cleanliness. I question how frequently these utensil holders are cleaned. Also, there were several grains of dried up rice on the table that I had to flick away before sitting down.

Final Bytes

  1. Ask for clean utensils or use the disposable ones
  2. Little protein
  3. Matcha ice cream is always a crowd pleaser

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  • cL

    I ordered the wasabi one last time and you might be glad to hear that I sensed no wasabi at all :( Shishinori definitely has perfect scores when it comes to presentation but when it comes to value and taste, it scores lower on the scale; however, I do feel healthy after finishing the dish!!

    • It’s a decent change from the usual japanese food I get… but yeah, value and taste could definitely be better!

  • Guest

    What is Shoyo?

    • It’s spelt Shoyo on the menu, but it’s shoyu – so it’s soy sauce :)