I visited my grandpa’s aunt today – the woman who raised me since I was tiny baby.  Her methods were questionable and quite aggressive; however, I’m sure that she had the best intentions.  She devoted her life to raising our generation in the family. Even though it was over 10 years ago, I still remember when she used to make steamed eggs – the smoothest and silkiest steamed eggs I’ve ever had… and they always will be best.  I don’t know how she did it; evidently, no one else does either.

Now she’s over 90 years old!  Time flies, unfortunately.  I regret not visiting her as much ever since she started living in a senior’s care home.

When I first walked into her room, my shoes instantly stuck to the floor.  The floors were so grossly sticky, I could’ve been like Spiderman if the room was upside-down.  Nevertheless, I was excited to visit her :)

Thankfully, she still remembers my face!  After all those years, she still remembers…  I looked around her room and  I found on her foldable TV-dinner style table laid some Pringles, cake, Vita Soy, and some congee my parents brought over for her.  Every time I see her, I’m always amazed by her very… unique diet.  You see, she loves to eat like a typical adolescent:  chips, Coke, vanilla ice cream, and to top it all off…  the golden fries at the McDonalds.  How could someone live off the stuff which dietitians and society has deemed unhealthy?

My dad has always speculated that the Vita Soy had magical powers, since that was her ultimate favourite drink.  Seriously, she goes through several packs in only one week!

Anyway, it was really nice visiting her.  The thing that bothered me most was the room, which annoyingly tickles my curiosity:

Is this care home actually caring for her?

Or…  Are they just doing their job?

Hopefully they care.  And hopefully their dietitian is providing nutritional, yet palatable food.