It’s a daring decision to explicitly proclaim your “favourite” spot for a particular item. While “daring” is not my middle name, I will say that Rain or Shine is home to my favourite ice cream of all time! It’s been opened for roughly a month in Kitsilano on 4th Avenue. I walk past here all the time since I work nearby. Thanks to Rain or Shine, I’ll always know the weather forecast.

Their entire selection of fantastic ice cream and waffle cones are made fresh on site. They also sell some cute and suggestive aprons.


Chalked on a giant board, the menu offers everything from cones and shakes to sundaes and tacos! You read correctly – tacos! Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday: waffle taco, ice cream, some topping and whip cream. They have seasonal flavours as well!

Blueberry Balsamic & London Fog

hippoCHAN and I shared a double scoop ($6) in a waffle cone (+$1). As recommended by my boss, I ordered the Balsamic Blueberry. Simply put, it made my mouth going on a ballistic bananza! I know this is a funny way of describing it, but it just tasted so real… and so fresh and creamy, without being overly soft and melty like Bella Gelateria (though gelato is different). I just never thought of a combination of balsamic and blueberry – it was indescribably interesting. Some big pluses were the big blueberries that were very refreshing.

Blueberry Balsamic & London Fog 2

Our second scoop was the London Fog, which was being sat on by the blueberry in the photo. Despite its frozen nature, the ice cream was actually aromatic. hippoCHAN described it as “exactly like the tea, but the cold version!” The way that I thought of it was, “if Eskimos had London fog, this would be it.”

Without doubt, I left craving more. Because the sweetness was just right, I didn’t feel sick or the need to gulp down gallons of water. Even though it’s currently winter, I would have ice cream from here no matter what weather – Rain or Shine.

Final Bytes

  1. Blueberry Balsamic is da bomb!
  2. A flight of 4 flavours is available for $9
  3. Closed Mondays; open until 10PM other days

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