A new Qoola branch opened up a while ago in Oakridge Centre, and I finally made my way there after devouring a meatball sandwich at Meat & Bread. Qoola prides itself in serving fresh yogurt that is rich in 100% Live & Active Cultures, Kosher certified and gluten-free!

The store is gorgeous. It’s modern, it’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s clean, it’s fantastic!

Qoola’s menu is unique in that it not only offers froyo + toppings ($1.59/100g), but also custom waffles ($1.59/100g) and smoothies ($5.49)! By custom, I mean you can grab whatever you toppings you please (as you would when constructing a froyo) and Qoola will use them to magically make a waffle or smoothie appear at your command.

Qoola offers a lineup of flavours that rotate from time to time. That day, the flavours were:
Mango Tango Sorbet
Very Berry Sorbet
Raspberry Pomegranate
Greek Yogurt
Green Tea
Strawberry Banana NSA (No Sugar Added)

Did I mention that Qoola offers a huge variety of fruit that they freshly prepare every day?! They even have the ever elusive Mango! They also have those ‘Popping Flavoured Bubbles’ that makes my friend Jason giggle every time.

{ Some fresh blackberries }

{ Nice red strawberries }

Besides the fresh fruit, Qoola offers 18 cookie-candy-treaty-ish toppings! My favourites are granola, crushed Oreo, and YOGURT CHIPS!

Other toppings include flax seed (COOL!), Goji trail mix, Trix, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate shavings, midnight chocolate, peanut butter cups, mochi (regular, green tea, rainbow), sour soothers, gummy bears, fruity pebbles, cocoa pebbles, and of course chocolate chips.

It’s just too bad that they don’t offer more types of cereal :P

Don’t forget to look behind you when you’re plopping all those wonderful toppings onto your froyo! Qoola also has caramel and different types of chocolate sauces.

While I was snapping away photos, Joanne went to build our froyo: Mango Tango Sorbet + Pistachio w/ Orea crumble, yogurt chips, green mochi and fresh fruit. What can I say… the flavours were awesome! Sometimes the tartness of yogurt really slaps you in the face, but these flavours actually tasted like mango and pistachio. The only problem I had was the green tea mochi, which was a too big and thus too much chew.

At the front counter, there were samples of Iced Organic Coffee w/ rock salt Rock salt is sometimes used when making homemade ice cream because it makes the cool treat even colder. The coffee was full-bodied and smooth, and I mean really smoooooth. This icy goodness is PERFECT for a hot summer day!

The manager took the time to explain that the coffee was made by an Italian-Canadian fellow who actually won an award for this coffee back in Italy.

There’s also other Iced Rock Salt flavours (matcha, green tea, and red tea) and specialty coffees like DRIP, lattes and cappuccinos!

Qoola sounds pretty good right about now, eh? Well, Qoola takes its service another step further. Not only is Qoola good to its customers, but also it’s good to the Earth. It’s disposing station is divided into 3 sections: Recycable, Compostable, and Trash! So be sure to sort of what you throw away!

This Qoola branch definitely poses as a fierce competitor for other froyo joints like Menchies because the grand variety in its menu, flavours and toppings. Qoola looks great, feels great, and tastes great.

{ PS. You can also grab Qoola’s froyo to-go for $11.99! }

Final Bytes

  1. Plenty of seating! If it’s packed, just sit anywhere in Oakridge – it’s a mall after all!
  2. Free Wi-Fi
  3. Add toppings in between layers of froyo!

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