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Organic Matcha Powder GIVEAWAY: The Winner!

Giveaway Cover

Woohoo! Foodobyte’s first contest giveaway has finally come to a close!

As you all know, I used Rafflecopter to organize this giveaway. Not only did Rafflecopter list of the to-do tasks and countdown time, but also it randomly selected a winner, using pure randomness from random.org. After Rafflecopter selected the winner, I verified the participant’s entry that he/she was selected for; for example, does he/she follow me on Twitter or leave a comment below? If that all checks out, then it’s confirmed that he/she won.

Now, I would like to congratulate the Winner of the Organic Matcha Powder Giveaway… *drumroll*

The Winner(Click to enlarge)

Thanks everybody who participated in this milestone :) Hopefully, I’ll be able to do another giveaway soon so stay tuned!

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Curtis Ng Hello! I'm a UBC Dietetics Major, which is ironic because pizzas and fries were the staple foods of my high school diet. In 2011, I started Foodobyte as a means to express my passion for food, nutrition and photography.

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