When hippoCHAN was at school, I was browsing YouTube and stumbled upon Buzzfeed’s Worth It Video featuring pizza at three drastically different price points. Starting off at $2 was Joe’s Pizza, a classic New York pizzeria. It looks absolutely delicious on camera, so hippoCHAN and I headed down to Greenwich Village to check it out for ourselves.

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It’s a tight space. The line-up might go out the door, but don’t blink because it’ll be your turn soon. Slices go flying out the door.

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“What chu want?!”

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All the pizzas were fresh out of the oven, piping hot.

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We stuck with the ultimate classic: Cheese. Unless it’s free at a student club meeting, I never have cheese pizza. But this changed my philosophy on the meaning of pizza. The unsullied purity of virgin pizza deserves the utmost respect.

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That’s why we fold up that shizz and nom on it. The crust was incredibly thin, and mysteriously able to uphold awesomeness without limping like a wet tissue. No grease – just super clean flavours. I want this in my mouth again.

Until next time, Joe.

Final Bytes

  1. Get your cash ready!
  2. Don’t be scared by the line
  3. Just stand and eat :)

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