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Nice Cafe is an unassuming restaurant tucked away in the inner streets of East 8th Avenue. True to its name, Nice Cafe is indeed nice – both in its food and service.

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hippoCHAN and I really wanted some simple breakfast, and Nice Cafe offered just that. Its menu had egg bennys, omelettes, pancakes, french toast… the works! After much deliberation, we decided to get two omelettes. Luckily we didn’t order a side of hot cakes because our omelettes were huge!

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hippoCHAN had the Veggie & Cheese ($6.95), which was packed with peppers, spinach, onions, tomato and mushrooms. A simple omelette, well executed. It wasn’t too oily or over-seasoned.

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I had the Super (usually $7.95) that was on special for a buck or two cheaper. It was stuffed with ham, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, onions and tomato. The meaty mushrooms and fresh peppers were delectable.

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Toast and hash browns were combo’d with the omelettes, like most places. However, Nice Cafe served the shredded kind that was actually crispy! I don’t know about you, but I would choose the shredded variety over the deep-fried chunks of potato any day!

Final Bytes

  1. Great value
  2. Nice wait staff
  3. Really chill atmosphere

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