While searching for dinner along Robson, Joanne and I passed by Nero Belgian Waffle Bar.  The idea of having a waffle as a dessert seemed awesome since it’s such a versatile food – a fluffy, crispy canvas for a rainbow of toppings!  Nero is just in its infancy as it has only been opened for only four months.  Well, based on my experience, I think Nero definitely has some areas to work on and improve.

Bike on Wall

Before eating anything, I got a really good vibe from the place.  The interior was snug, comfy and homey.  Although, there’s not much seating; it can probably fit ten people at most.  Still, things were off to a good start!


We ordered the Bresilienne ($8.90), which was a Liege waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hazelnut crumble and caramel sauce.

Bresilienne Upclose

I’m sorry, but I didn’t think that this waffle was worth its price at all!  Not only was the waffle tiny, but also it wasn’t freshly made to order – it was simply reheated on the waffle iron.  In a nutshell, it wasn’t that special.

The hazelnut crumble was probably the best part of the dish as it imparted a much needed crunch.  As well, the vanilla ice cream was a nice textural contrast to the crumble.  The whipping cream and caramel, on the other hand, pretty much melted into the background, unnoticed.

Whipped Cream w/ Caramel

Sadly, these flavours can be developed by any average Joe with a pack of frozen Eggo waffles, a bucket of generic ice cream, a can of Dairyland whipped cream and some crushed Caramilks and Ferrero Rochers!  Perhaps, if they lowered their prices, I wouldn’t feel so ripped off… because, honestly, the waffle wasn’t that amazing.

Final Bytes

  1. I think the Brussels waffles are made fresh to order…
  2. Really overpriced!
  3. The fruit waffles are cheaper, though!

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  • Vincent Chase

    I’ve been to this waffle shop. The owners are incredibly nice and make their waffles Fresh to order all the time. The taste is catered to more sophisticated waffle palates, and people such as this reviewer, who normally mow down on Eggo’s, whipped cream in a can, and caramilks are not going to taste, let alone appreciate, the fresh homemade ingredients they use (Note: they make their own chocolate sauce and carmel by hand!).

    It’s clear that the reviewer is bitching about the prices more than anything else, including taste. Indeed, the focus on price, and the inability to verbalize or articulate issues with the taste and textures of the waffle, are signs of a weak palate who will not appreciate quality at any price point. There is no way that a waffle shop that makes fresh batter, fresh sauces, whipped cream, and crumble, can compete price-wise with an average at-home Joe buying Eggo’s from Safeway. If you can’t taste the difference of a fresh crispy waffle from frozen mass produced product, you wont’ be happy no matter what price you pay!

    • I’ve been to this waffle shop. The owners are incredibly nice. However, they did not make their waffles fresh to order, at least not for my girlfriend and I. As previously I iterated, the waffle was merely reheated on the iron (hopefully, you can understand this the second time around). This, to me, does not sound like the practices of “sophisticated” craftsmen/women. Also, while I do appreciate the owners making their own sauces, you’re making it sound like it’s neuroscience. Chocolate sauce is essentially melted chocolate with cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla extract and cream, which takes 10 minutes to make. Similar in simplicity, caramel sauce is boiled sugar with cream added after the sugar has caramelized. Furthermore, I’m confident that the owners store the fresh sauces away until they decide to use it, which doesn’t add to the sauces’ magical wonders.

      I would like to pose a question, “How would you describe something that is average?” To me, the waffle was just that: average. I see nothing wrong with describing it as “not that special.” Would you rather I report it as dense and rock hard? I didn’t think so. Nevertheless, I still wouldn’t like to exaggerate in that fashion.

      Moreover, I would like to clarify that it was not the price that bothered me. Instead, I was upset because the price did not match the quality. If it was truly spectacular, I wouldn’t mind paying for it – not one bit. That’s why I’m constantly food blogging: I’m searching for food that is worthwhile. So please do not paint me as a stingy consumer who does not know how to eat.

      Finally, because I’m doubtful of your reading comprehension abilities, I would like to reiterate this one more time: the waffle was not freshly made.

    • Baatar

      I haven’t been to Nero Belgian Waffle before, so I can’t state my opinion of the place and whether or not it’s waffles are of high quality. However, it’s clear that you haven’t read the review. The author isn’t criticizing the place for it’s price, they’re criticizing it because the price DOESN’T match the quality of the waffles that they were served. The waffles, according to the them, weren’t fresh, but tasted like “a pack of frozen Eggo waffles”, and therefore isn’t worth the $10 that they paid. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, I guess it’s a matter of opinion. If you had written something more like “I have to disagree with you, from my experience the waffles were always freshly made”, then at least your argument would be valid. As it stands however, you just sound like some idiot snob that haven’t even read the review.

      • Thanks so much for your comment! You totally get me :)

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  • I know this is from a while ago but I just stumbled upon your review. We were planning to do a review of Nero’s a while back. However, the owner/staff member was rude and basically didn’t let a couple of people in our party take a seat while someone else ordered and told us that we have to move. Since there were no other seats in the restaurant we decided to leave. We’ll go back soon to do a full review, but I’ve never had someone abruptly tell me to get out of a seat and that other members of our party can’t wait in the table while I ordered. Not a great impression so far, but we have to see how the food stacks up once we go back.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard a number of times that their service is quite rude. And I totally agree with you… I mean, you’re all eating there – so why can’t you guys save seats? Oh well, their loss!