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Nando’s Chicken on Trial Wednesdays!

Nando’s Flame-Grilled Chicken is currently holding a contest to win FREE meals for ONE YEAR!  Since Nando’s is one of my favourite places to eat, I obviously signed up!  You could also join via the following link:


All you need to do is select the hotness level that you prefer for your grilled chicken!  Easy, eh?  At the end of the survey, you get a free coupon:  Buy one “Meals for One” meal and get the second of equal or lesser value for free!  Though, there is a catch; you can only use it on Wednesdays, hence its name.  Also, I’m not quite sure what “Meals for One” are exactly… I’ll find out soon enough!  Anyway, if you don’t really feel like doing the survey, you can still print off the coupon I attached to this post.

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Curtis Ng Hello! I'm a UBC Dietetics Major, which is ironic because pizzas and fries were the staple foods of my high school diet. In 2011, I started Foodobyte as a means to express my passion for food, nutrition and photography.

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