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My Dietetics Application.

Dietetics Application

After two months of relentless reviewing and revising, I finally submitted my application to the UBC Dietetics Major.  Competition is fierce in this field:  only ~30 of +100 applicants get accepted.

There are three main components to the application:

  1. Grade average of at least 70% (admission average is always higher)
  2. Resume, cover letter, and reference letters
  3. Interview

Although I don’t exactly have the best grades, I think that my volunteer work and references will compensate for that.  I searched unwaveringly for opportunities that would highlight my commitment to dietetics.  The review panel seems to really focus on the applicant’s devotion to the profession more than anything else.  Thus, it was crucial to show it in my resume and cover letter; otherwise, I will never get an interview.

I’m so relieved that I’m done with the application.  Now, all I have to do is wait…  Well, of course I have to keep trying hard in school and continuing my volunteer work.  Other than that, though, I can finally live a more normal life.

For the past few nights, I’ve been waking up randomly because I spontaneously remembered something that I must change on my resume or cover letter.  For example, my cover letter… is supposed to be a letter.  And for the longest time, it looked like an essay on a provincial exam… it didn’t even have a date, address, or salutation.  All of these requirements are outlined on the dietetics webpage… Luckily, an epiphany slapped me up the head and I revised it immediately.

So that’s that… Although I have finished my application and submitted it, this is only the beginning.  … So I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me.

About The Author

Curtis Ng Hello! I'm a UBC Dietetics Major, which is ironic because pizzas and fries were the staple foods of my high school diet. In 2011, I started Foodobyte as a means to express my passion for food, nutrition and photography.

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  • I am a dietitian form Spain….. Good luck with your application!

    • wow, that’s amazing! thanks! :D

  • Joseph Y

    Good luck on your application. I just discovered your blog and will follow it from now on. I’m interested on yr future posts on what you would have learned in your nutrition classes. Restaurant reviews are always good too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yi Min

    hey! I’m a first year student at UBC and I just saw your blog on google. I want to get into Dietetics too.Any tips/ advice? The advisors told me to have a second option, which I now do but I am more interested in Dietetics but its really hard to get in :/

    • Hey Yi Min,

      Congrats on getting into UBC :) Dietetics is quite competitive due to the limited spots available. My advice would be to get volunteer with/job shadow dietitians and see if you truly like the field. Application requires a lot of work, so you’ll want to know if dietetics is what you actually want.

      Thanks for visiting Foodobyte :)