Mogu Japanese Street Eats

Mogu has been on my to-eat list ever since I tried their Chicken Karaage at the Richmond Night Market! So hippoCHAN and I made it a mission to hunt down this food truck and its Japanese Street Eats.

Mogu Menu

Their menu is fairly simple: three Japanese-inspired sandwiches, chicken karaage, salad and some drinks.

Pork Miso Katsu Sandwich

I ordered the Pork Miso Katsu Sandwich combo’d w/ Sweet & Spicy Chicken Karaage ($11). In between two puffy buns, there’s breaded deep fried pork cutlet, house-made red miso sauce and Asian hot mustard coleslaw.

The red miso was quite prominent, which I really enjoyed. The coleslaw was great as well; there were surprising pops of wasabi flavour here and there.

However, the meat-to-bread ratio was WAY OFF. I didn’t need to be a math genius to see that it’s a 1:3 ratio. As you would expect, I tasted a lot of bread.

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Karaage

Chicken karaage was just as kick-butt as it was at the Richmond Night Market.

Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich

hippoCHAN is a chicken teriyaki devout. Naturally, she ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich ($8): roasted chicken, house-made teriyaki, Japanese tartar sauce, red onions and lettuce.

Again, these buns were big enough to win a twerking competition. While the flavours were solid, I didn’t like how the chicken was sliced. Eating strips of chicken in a sandwich just isn’t as gratifying as eating a slab of chicken (like a chicken steak).

Final Bytes

  1. Undoubtedly over-priced
  2. I would only return for the chicken karaage
  3. I don’t like big butts buns, and I cannot lie

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  • Nana

    What a funny post! Loved the last sentence. Thanks for your insightful review!