After our #FinalComa, we all headed to Menchie’s on Cambie St. for some good ol’ frozen yogurt! Usually I go to Qoola, another self-serve froyo joint, but we just happened to pass by this place when searching for the Coma Food Truck.

The particular branch first opened up in January 2012. It features a rotating selection of flavours with a grand variety of toppings. On the day we went, there was: Vanilla, Chocolate, Cake Batter, Butter Pecan, Wildberry, Tutti Frutti, and more! For a full list of yogurt flavours and toppings, check out there website:

{ Grace’s } They also feature some “popping bobas” that made Jason giggle, haha!

{ Mine } Loooooooove Oreos! :D

{ Jason’s } He was so excited ‘cos they had Nerds! :P

One of the unique things about Menchies is that they offer “mySmilage Card” – a membership where you earn one Smile per dollar you spend. When you reach 50 Smiles, you get $5 off your next purchase. Also, when you register online, you automagically receive 25 Smiles – so you’re half way there! And one last thing: you get a free treat on your birthday! :)

As far as pricing goes, it’s $0.55/oz.  To put that in perspective, my tub of froyo was ~$8.50 after tax (and it doesn’t matter what kind of toppings you put on).

Without a doubt, I enjoyed chilling here with my friends over a refreshing bowl of yogurt :) Check it out!

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