Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt at UBC. FINALLY!


After catching all sorts of bugs in the UBC Botanical Garden, Joanne and I were dangerously dehydrated and freaking famished. So, where else can grace your tongue with refreshing flavours while consuming copious amounts of toppings like Oreos and yogurt chips?! Menchie’s, of course!

Store Front

The shop setup is pretty much the same as the one on Cambie St. Although, this store is much bigger!

Froyo Machines

{ Here’s all the magical machines that dispense fabulous froyo! }


{ Plenty of toppings!!! }

Fruit Toppings

{ Don’t forget about the fruit! }

Too bad, they ran out of mochi by the time we got there :( Also, they don’t have MANGO like Qoola does… so that kinda sucks ‘cos MANGO is awesomely mango-y!

Our Froyo

Here’s our latest froyo flurry formation! The first layer was Cookies n’ Cream, which tasted awesome! It tasted similar to its ice-cream counterpart, but less heavy. Another level higher, Oreos, yogurt chips, and Clodhoppers were piled and piled.

CLODHOPPERS! I haven’t eaten those since the earlier years of high school! D-LISHHH :)

Anyway, our second froyo layer was Mocha! I was really surprised at how decadent it was… it wasn’t that tart as well. It blended perfectly with the Cookie’s n Cream. Finally, on top of Mt. Froyo, there’s the same mixins as before and Reese’s pieces!

We kept digging and eating away at our cup of froyo until it melted into a little puddle. Then, we scooped and slurped the froyo soup to finish it off!


Undeniably, this is a great addition to the UBC community! It’s open pretty late on school days and weekends so you can get your nightly fix of froyo while studying your brains out!


And, I’m really glad that they opened up a bigger shop because I can imagine this place being PACKED once the school bell rings! If you can’t find seats, don’t worry! All you have to do is just walk outside and there’s tables across the street near a fountain!

Froyo To-Go

{ P.S. you can also buy some froyo to-go! }

Final Bytes

  1. One hour free parking almost everywhere!
  2. Comfortable seating inside and outside of store!
  3. They don’t have some of my favourites: mango, granola and flaxseed! :(

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  • Whoah that is a colourul place! I heard they were giving out free froyo last Saturday!

    I think they’re not serving mangos maybe cause right now some mangos are suspected of salmonella contamination so Canada recalled a lot of the supply – maybe Menchies was playing safe?

    • Yeah they were! Too bad… I was in class that day so I couldn’t make a mountain of froyo :(

      Well, the Menchie’s along Cambie St. never did have mango… So I guess it’s one of those fruits that they just don’t serve? Oh well! Cookies n’ Cream froyo is still worth it! :D

  • Hope

    Just a heads up…we also rotate out toppings (just like our flavours) and right now we are serving up mango! It’s a GREAT addition to your froyo!

    • Nice!! Can’t wait to drop by on the last day of classes!