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So BigD and I went on a bromantic breakfast. Guess where? It’s not that hard to answer correctly since you’re reading this post. Yep, Marilulu – the most kawaii Japanese restaurant on Broadway.

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Not only is Marilulu kawaii, but also they’re keen on serving meats that are “Organic, No Sick, or Free Range.” Nobody wants meat from an animal that was Yes Sick, that’s for sure. No MSG is also a plus!

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We both ordered the same thing – Japanese Breakfast ($6.99), except mine had tofu while he had natto (soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis var. natto, yum!), or as I like to call it, “that slimy stuff.”

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The breakfast was very very very simple, as it should be. I appreciated the “plainness” of the omelette and grilled salmon. I’m not saying it was bland, rather it wasn’t seasoned heavily.

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The block of tofu was served cold with a little bit of ginger on top. I’m not a fan of cold things in the morning (I sometimes have cereal), so I used the miso soup as a mini hot tub to warm up my tofu and impart more flavour.

Final Bytes

  1. Good place for simple breakfast
  2. Really small restaurant
  3. Servers are friendly and joyful


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