For the first time ever, the guys and gals at VANEATS are delivering a sweet dining pass! And by sweet, I mean cupcakes left and right, popping out of ovens at the ManCakes Bakery in Yaletown. It’s… ManCakes Madness!

From now until June 12, the $9.95 Dining Pass lets you choose 6 mini ManCakes:

  • “Bacon Chili Chocoate”, chocolate base, ancho chili chocolate, ganache filling, vanilla buttercream icing, crumbled bacon
  • “Apple Brie”, spice base, sweet apple cider jelly filling, brie buttercream icing, crushed pretzel brittle
  • “Breakfast”, vanilla base, smoked bacon & egg custard filling, maple syrup buttercream icing, crispy granola crunch
  • “Buffalo Wing”, spice base, baked blue cheese cheesecake mousse, hot sauce infused buttercream icing, crispy chicken crumbles
  • “Chocolate Red Wine”, chocolate base, mascarpone mousse filling, port cherry red wine infused buttercream icing, dark chocolate disc with a red wine gelee
  • “King Kong”, chocolate base, banana cream filling, espresso infused marshmallow, chocolate shavings
  • “Pink Peppercorn Grapefruit”, vanilla base, blood orange & pink grapefruit filling, vanilla buttercream icing, french macaroon & ground pink peppercorn
  • “Rum & Coke”, vanilla base, coke cream filling, rum infused buttercream icing, crushed coke, candy topping
  • “Tequila Pineapple”, spice based, pineapple cream filling, tequila infused buttercream icing, toasted coconut shavings
  • “Whiskey Lime”, spice based, whiskey infused chocolate ganache filling, white chocolate lime icing, lime sugar topping

and a choice of 2 hot beverages:

  • “49th Parallel”, medium roast
  • “Death Wish”, the only place in Vancouver to try the world’s STRONGEST dark roast coffee. 200% stronger than any other dark roast on the market!
  • “Teapigs”, hailing from the UK, the tea capital of the world, the only place in Vancouver to get it!

Death Wish

I have an intense aversion to weakbutt coffee because it often ends up tasting like dirty water. That’s why I was really excited to try out the Death Wish.

Death Wish 2

After tasting it, I wasn’t so sure that it was the “world’s strongest,” but it was strong.  In spite of that, it was surprisingly smooth. It was an enjoyable switch from my usual Starbucks Americano, which can be overly acrid with bitterness at times.

Super Fruit Herbal Teapig

hippoCHAN had the Super Fruit Herbal variety of Teapigs. It had a natural sweetness from the fruits, and went well with the indulgent cupcakes that followed.


The cupcakes that we selected were Bacon Chili Chocolate, Apple Brie, Buffalo Wing, King Kong, Tequila Pineapple and Whiskey Lime.

To keep this post lean, I’m just going to say that a “-y” can be added to the names of the cupcakes and that was what they tasted like. Par example, it was bacon-chili-chocolatey or whiskey-limey. In other words, the flavours of cupcakes were more or less true to their name, with the exception of Tequila Pineapple. hippoCHAN and I couldn’t detect any tequila or pineapple, so it simply tasted like a plain vanilla cupcake with frosting.

ManCakes 2

Overall, the cupcakes were very moist. And I do mean moist, especially the Bacon Chili Chocolate. The King Kong was the only one that was slightly different, in that it was more airy.

As well, for all of the cupcakes, there was a prominent cinnamon flavour.  We both wished that they would tone that down to let the other flavours step further forward.

ManCakes 3

My two favourites were the Apple & Brie and the King Kong. In the realm of “adventurous flavours,” I quite enjoyed the Buffalo Wing. Although it wasn’t spicy, but it really did smell and taste like a buffalo wing.


If you’re looking for more unique cupcakes, check out ManCakes Madness at!

Disclosure: my dining pass was complementary, but all views expressed are my own.

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