Steak & Salad
Last night, I stayed up until 4AM to finish off the Grown Ups movie on Netflix! And it’s mathematically and scientifically proven that if you sleep at 4AM, the only healthy route is to wake up at 1:30PM :)

I had some leftover steak from yesterday’s barbecue at Jason’s, so I decided to cook it up for lunch! Plus, I didn’t have any other food in the fridge besides Chunky canned soup…

First, I lightly seasoned and quickly seared the Angus Rib Eye in a teflon pan, which I have grown to love! Then, I finished cooking the steak in the convection oven. While that’s going on, I sautéed some onions and added it to the gravy; I also sprinkled some freeze-dried garlic and chipotle pepper in it as well. When the steak was done, I poured the steak juice into the gravy just for some extra flavour. Finally, I tossed a salad with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vingar!

Lunch is served! :)