So this is it. A milestone was set today in mankind’s timeline: We finished BIOC 302! Whether we triumphed or burned, it does not matter. So long as we are no longer engulfed by hurricanes of fatty acids and nucleotides, all is beautiful.

I must admit this was one of the hardest courses I’ve ever taken. It’s no understatement when I say that organic chemistry – a course that already sparks fear in second year students – seems elementary when compared to BIOC 302. Professors claim that BIOC 302 is a “conceptual” course… I strongly disagree! Much of the material is simply memorizing cycles and how to read them. Meh.

Bio Chem Group

So how do we reward ourselves after a glucose-depleting exam?! FOOD! Jenny suggested Kyo Korean BBQ & Sushi House, an AYCE that took over Shabusen’s old spot.


{ Sunomono: a vingar-y noodle appy. It usually has shrimp though… where’d they migrate to? }


{ Edamame: salt-boiled soybean }


{ Gomae: spinach salad w/ peanut butter sauce }

Salmon, Tamago, Chopped Scallop Roll

{ Salmon, Tamago and Chopped Scallop Roll }


{ Jello }

I don’t typically enjoy AYCE, but this one was pretty decent. For me, the most important things for a successful AYCE are:

– Decent food (not spectular, but just so everything tastes as it should)
– Super fast service
– Comfortable seating
– Affordable price ($13.99, +$1 for weekends)

And I feel that Kyo has nailed everything. The food arrived at a rapid rate with really friendly and efficient service. The food quality was mostly, as expected of an AYCE, average.

Salmon Sashimi

The salmon sashimi, however, was really lacking in flavour… I don’t know how a piece of salmon could not taste like a piece of salmon!

Torched Salmon

On the other hand, I liked their torched salmon w/ miso sushi :) I’d definitely recommend this; it’s different from the usual california and dynamite roll. Btw, I know that’s a tuna tataki sushi in the picture (not salmon)… but just imagine it to be orange and it’s the same thing!

Spicy Pork, Chicken, Beef

{ Spicy Pork, Chicken & Beef }

Spicy Pork & Beef Grilling

{ Spicy pork & beef grilling }

Grilling Chicken

{ Grilling chicken }

Be careful with the beef! And the pork! Because they’re so thin, they can easily dry out and become unbelievably chewy. Thankfully, the meat was under the watchful eye of Jenny, who constantly poked and turned the meat. The spicy pork wasn’t extremely spicy, but it still packs some heat. My favourite was the chicken because it was the juiciest of the three! The downside was that it took a long time to cook.

If you find that your stove flame is too petite to actually cook anything, just do what we do:




It’s been great learning alongside you all. I really really really don’t think I would’ve survived this course without each and every one of you! All the best for the future Justin, Jenny and Hyun Soo! GOOD LUCK! :D

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  • I’ve heard about Kyo’s BBQ and always wanted to try! thanks for the clear pictures and congrats on finishing the course :)

    • Foodobyte

      Haha no problem! hope you have a great time there :)

  • Sui Sisy

    WARNING!!!!!! 小心啊,睁大眼睛!!!!!

    We went there for lunch today, the food is soo, the service is soo. well i guess it AYCE frankly you cant get very good sushi and bbq.

    But as a VICTIM, just want to warning you….OPEN YOU EYE, WHEN YOU PAY YOUR BILL!!!

    They have automatically CHARGED tip for 12%, whatever you feel about their service, then we paid AGAIN another 15%….so do the calculation…if for a dinner one person is $25 after tax, then by the end you will pay twice of the tips $7 dollars!

    This is really not professional and using the gratuity to make some DARK EVIL Money!!!….anyhow, i feel it’s a shame some CHINESE people are doing the business like this, just want the other innocent people know about this place!


    他们会在您的帐单里自动加上12%的小费,无论您觉得他们的服务如何,然后您会又给他们小费,最终在不经意下共收了27%的小费。。。算一下,如果晚餐一人税后¥25,那么您会负两次小费¥7 块啊!!!




    • Well many places do charge a mandatory tip if you have more than ~6 people, so perhaps that was the case. Nevertheless, sorry to hear about your double-tipping. I’ll definitely keep a look out myself when the bill comes :)