On a sunny, cheery Friday, hippoCHAN and I strolled along the streets of downtown. Within those five hours, we toured the SFU Vancouver Campus, snapped photos of flying flags and helicopters, tried on clothes at Pacific Centre, and more. Needless to say, we were completely exhausted by dinner time. This was perfect timing because I was recently contacted by JUST EAT, a Vancouver restaurant delivery company, to try out their services.

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JUST EAT’s website offers online ordering on the computer.

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It has certainly been a while since I’ve ordered takeout in Vancouver, but JUST EAT’s mobile app made it a breeze to browse the restaurants’ menus and place our order.

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After punching in my postal code, I got a list of nearby restaurants and the estimated delivery times. We were feeling like Mediterranean food, so we chose Best Neighbours, which had a 45 minute delivery time. It was really impressive when the delivery guy arrived in 45 minutes, literally on the dot. And yes, I did time him :)

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We ordered the Super Special #1 – which was two orders of Souvlaki – and a side of Thai Chicken Wings! The chicken souvlaki came with rice, roasted potato, Greek salad, tzatiki and pita bread.

Even after shooting, the food was still warm and didn’t need to be reheated. We were absolutely stuffed to the seams with all the food. Not wanting to bust our pants, we left the pita aside to enjoy another day.

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Overall, it was an effortless experience ordering from JUST EAT. Since it was take-out, there were no dishes to cleanup and wash. On the flip side, the unfortunate thing was the amount of packaging to be thrown away. It was really too bad that they’re not biodegradable. Hopefully, more restaurants will start investing in reusable/biodegradable takeout ware to reduce their impact on the environment.

Disclosure: my takeout was complementary, but all opinions expressed are my own. 

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  • Sea

    I’m liking your new photo transitions on the main page, it is super eye-catching! and this delivery service seems like the perfect option for a rainy vancouver day..

    • Yayyyy! Glad you like them ^_^
      It would’ve been good today… pouring buckets :( it’s like one day is beautiful and sunny… the next is completely opposite.