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IÖGO! It’s a fun name to say and a tasty yogurt to eat.

Thanks to IÖGO’s delivery last week, my family and I got to try the entire lineup of their newest yogurt, Moment. #EnjoyTheMoment… and that we did.

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There are six new flavours in total: Vanilla Bean and Lemon are available as 500g tubs; Field Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange-Cranberry, and Apple Caramel come in 4x100g snack packs. So whether I want yogurt at home or on-the-go, I’m covered either way.

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What I love about the Moment Yogurts is that they are all-natural. No preservatives. No gelatine. No artificial colours or flavours! Even better, they’re made with whole milk. That’s 8% milk fat goodness that gives the yogurt its creamy, rich texture.

Because whole milk is used, the yogurt has trans fat. However, this wasn’t due to the partial hydrogenation of fat during processing. It was a natural type of trans fat found in meat, milk and butter, which doesn’t increase the risk of heart disease (EatRight Ontario).

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Of the snack packs, my favourite flavour was the Apple Caramel! The filling was at the bottom of the yogurt cup, so I had to stir it around before eating. I liked how there were actual soft chunks of apple that gave it a pleasant texture. I could easily enjoy the Apple Caramel as a healthy dessert.

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My parents, especially my mom, enjoyed the tubbed flavours more. Unlike the snack packs, the flavour was already stirred throughout the smooth yogurt.

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An added bonus was that IÖGO made it easy to recycle its packaging. The label on the snack packs came off easily so I could separate the cardboard from plastic. It also reminded me to #EnjoyTheMoment… Awwwwwww yeah!

The new IÖGO yogurts are available today! The retail price should be around $3.99 for both the snack packs and tubs. To learn more about IÖGO Moment, check out :)

Disclaimer: IÖGO yogurts were complementary, but all views expressed are my own.