UPDATE: Everything has gone down the crapper. Dirty cups. Dirty seating. Mediocre food that’s just microwaved if it’s not hot enough. Fail flavours. UGH!

Ever since Emily moved to America and became an American, I haven’t seen her much. Now that she’s attending McGill, instead of UBC (!!!), her visits are even more spaced apart. Fortunately, I managed to snag a get-together with her before she flew back to Boston. We decided to go to Gyo-O in Richmond with Rachel & Snoopy (he decided on his own nickname, LOL).

Restaurant Interior

It’s a real surprise when you first walk in. The interior definitely embodies the hyper and flamboyant spirit of Japanese culture. There’s wall paintings that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Although I can’t read a single character of Japanese, the restaurant looks pretty awesome.

Oyster Milk Ramen

Many years ago, my dad and I dined at this very restaurant. The old menu left us befuddled as to what to order… to this day, I’m still not sure. Thankfully, I could understand the menu this time around. After debating between the Tuna Mayo Don and the Oyster Milk Ramen ($14.95), I settled on the latter.

Oyster Milk Ramen Upclose

I’ve never ordered a milky soup base before, but I’m glad I did – it was absolutely delicious! The best part of the the broth was that it picked up the flavours of the clams and oyster, just like how Kirby sucks up its enemies and morphs into them. I enjoyed the soup so much that I ate every single spoonful of ramen with a mini pool of soup. I am so hungry right now. Oh yeah, the ramen was perfectly cooked – could this dish get any better?

Plump Oyster

It can! The oysters were awesome! Although there were only two of them floating in the bowl, that was more than enough for me. Both of them were incredibly plump and moist. They also absorbed the delicious milky broth! So good!

Kaisen Don

Emily ordered the Kaisen Don ($9.75). It was nicely put together and vibrant in colour.

Kaisen Don Upclose

I didn’t get to taste it, but Emily said it was really fresh and tasty.

Unagi Don

As for Rachel, she got the Unagi Don ($13.75)! This looked really really good! It’s deep-fried instead of BBQ or torched, which is what I typically eat.

Unagi Don Upclose

There’s also a poached egg. I regret not tasting this because I love it when the yolk pops and coats all the food…

Tuna Mayo Don

Finally, Snoopy ordered Tuna Mayo Don ($11).

Tuna Mayo Don Upclose

It looked delicioussss, especially with the mayo and egg!

Final Bytes

  1. There’s a lunch special menu that features combos!
  2. Great dining atmosphere!
  3. Affordable quality food!

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  • Emily is with me now. KEKEKE.

    • Lucky! I miss my lil sis already… =.=

  • Snoopy

    Woof *wags tail*

    • We should go for those lunch specials you talked about… so hungry…

  • I love this place! One of the first restaurants I blogged about..

  • Sea

    i really like this place too! although i’ve only been once!

    • Haha, maybe we’ll bump into each other like last time :P I really wanna go back and try the unagi don… looks so good :D

  • Jeffe

    Try the seafood yukke don (: I live right by Gyo-o I go there too much :P

    • ahaha okay, I’ll order that next time :)