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Foodobyte Turns THREE!

A little notification popped up on my WordPress dashboard today… apparently Foodobyte turns THREE today!!! (one exclamation mark per year of happy blogging)

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 3.56.38 PM

Wow… I can’t believe it’s been three years since I first started Foodobyte. I never could’ve imagined how much my little blog has grown up. Thank you all for sticking around! Seriously couldn’t have done it without you… :)

As a token of my gratitude, I have hand-drawn a picture of me raising my fancy glass (of orange juice) to you… CHEERS! Here’s to the future years of food porn and nutrition!


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Curtis Ng Hello! I'm a UBC Dietetics Major, which is ironic because pizzas and fries were the staple foods of my high school diet. In 2011, I started Foodobyte as a means to express my passion for food, nutrition and photography.

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