Cruising down Main St., I often catch a glimpse of The Fish Counter in the corner of my eye. It was only until I saw Maxinechann instagram her eye-drooling crab cake sandwich that I decided to head down there myself.

Fish Counter prides itself in using the most sustainable ingredients. All of its fish and seafood are Ocean Wise certified. On top of that, one of the owners – Mike McDermid – actually spearheaded the Ocean Wise program! How amazing is that?! His right-hand chef, Robert Clark, is another sustainable seafood guru, receiving the Murray A. Newman award for his conservation work.


After checking out Kiely’s blog, it looked like the Oyster Po Boy was a must-order! Three pulp and juicy oysters, lightly battered and fried. Did your salivary glands just turn into a waterfall? Yeah, me too.


The fixings were kimchi, argula and a light spread of creamy dill mayo. Seriously indulgent.

I didn’t add any fries ‘cos I knew that I was going to be satiated by this sandwich alone. I almost didn’t make it, but the side of slaw made it happen. It’s pretty much all acid, no heavy mayo. Simple, delicious and functional – I could’ve eaten more.


hippoCHAN ordered the Halibut Fish & Chips. Boy, was there a truckload of unsalted chips!


The beautiful crispy skin kept its integrity even after a bout of shooting. Although it wasn’t exactly flaky, I enjoyed the halibut’s meaty texture. Best of all, I didn’t have a mouthful of oil with each byte.


Throughout our lunch, we were sipping on some Ginger Beer, which used fermented ginger. Spicy and effervescent – perfect for eating deep-fried food.

Final Bytes

  1. Little seating: mostly benches and a couple of counters, one table
  2. OYSTER PO BOY – must order!
  3. They sell to-go soups and sauces too

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  • Maxine Chan

    thanks for the shoutout :D
    omggg fish & chips and oyster po boy next time for sure