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When BigD and Maxinechann were dropping by Krokodile Pear for some juices and smoothies, they dropped off a sandwich from Finch’s Tea & Coffee House. I didn’t eat it at the time, because I wanted to toast it up in my convection oven at home. Ever since then, I’ve been craving Finch’s Pear, Brie, Prosciutto & Roasted Walnuts Sandwich! So I decided to experience Finch’s first-hand with a fellow food blogger, Sharon from

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Finch’s menu was pretty streamlined: baguettes, salads, cheese plates, soups, breakfast and drinks.

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Sticking to what I already knew, I ordered the same sandwich that BigD and Maxinechann gave me: Pear, Brie, Prosciutto & Roasted Walnuts Sandwich ($8.95).

There was a lot going on in this simple sandwich, in terms of texture and flavour. Salty, sweet, crunchy, creamy and chewy wedged inside a baguette. However, the sub sorta fell short for me because it wasn’t toasted! Subs must be toasted… it should be illegal to do otherwise!

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I understand that it may seem odd to bake a sub that already has fruit in it… just like how Subway doesn’t toast a sub that already has veggies in it. But I did it, and it tasted amazing! The bread becomes crunchier while the brie oozes with creaminess. The pear also sweetens up a bit more, mellowing out the sharpness from raw fruit.

Final Bytes

  1. Place becomes absolutely packed! Quickly order and snag a seat!
  2. Some subs are toasted; but they have no pear
  3. Regular brie is available if blue brie is too strong for you


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