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A couple weeks ago, I was invited by VANEATS to review their latest dining pass, “salivEIGHT” featuring the culinary works of Eight 1/2 Restaurant Lounge. Since it’s reading week (finally), I called out Fasha to have lunch with me! It was the first time I ever brought out my dad on my foodie adventures, so I was extra excited to see what he thought of the food.


Even if I didn’t go to Eight 1/2, I would still love them for their values. Eight 1/2 sources its fresh ingredients from local farmer markets and organic grocers. To further reduce its eco-footprint, it also started a recycling and compost program.

Amber and Brun Beers

A flight of beers flew onto the table, shortly after we ordered. Both the Amber (lighter) and Brun (darker) are Belgian-style beers from the Stanley Park Brewery.

My favourite of the two was the Brun. Surprisingly, it wasn’t bitter… yeah, I usually think darker = bitterer. This wasn’t the case! Instead, there were pleasant notes of citrus that trailed with slightly sweet aftertaste.

The first sip of the Amber was quite bitter. However, as I drank on, I started to enjoy more. It tasted of the zest of a fruit – citrusy, fresh and slightly bitter.

Baked Brie

Next up, the BAKED BRIE. Did you just drool?

This hunk of cheese is wrapped and baked in a flaky filo. Served with six crostinis, every byte is packed with delicious brie.

Melty Cheese

Cutting into it… omg… ooey gooey goodness! Plus, the filo and crostinis added great contrast in texture.

Brie on Crostini

I want this. Now. And you know what made this appetizer a total home run? The honey. It paired so well with the brie, it should just marry it.

8th Avenue Pizza

After polishing off the brie, we had the 8th Avenue Pizza! It’s a thin crust topped with hot calabres (salami), chorizo, and banana peppers and sautéed mushrooms. Despite all the heaty ingredients, this pizza wasn’t overly spicy. I bet hippoCHAN could’ve ate it without sweating.

What I loved most were the giant chunks of chorizo! They satisfied the carnivore in me. Also, the mushrooms and tomato sauce were delicious. However, I would suggest eating with both hands, as the toppings might slip off when pulling away a piece.

Pacific Bacon Sliders

These Pacific Bacon Sliders weren’t part of the dining pass, but Fasha wanted to try them. On top of 3 local beef patties, there’s Pacific pepper cheddar, alder smoked bacon and fresh corn salsa. Drizzled on the plate was the Dijon aioli.

My first thought when I saw these burger was, “awwww, how cute!” But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t pack awesome flavour. My favourite parts were the aioli and corn salsa! Although, both Fasha and I found that the patties were overcooked and slightly dry.

Fresh Salad

The salad was very fresh. And the walnuts tasted of honey and were really good.


Undeniably, VANEATS has done it again… putting quality food back on the table. The $15 dining pass is for sale on their website right now!

Final Bytes

  1. Super quick and friendly service!
  2. Clean cooking styles – no deep frying or microwaving!
  3. Open late nights!

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