Eat Chicken Wraps

“Eat Chicken Wraps” – it’s both sound advice and a food truck operated by Dan and Sammy, a husband and wife team. Located down by Robson Square, this food truck offers a multicultural menu featuring… you guessed it, chicken! Every night after closing, they stay later to debone fresh and local chicken to prepare for the morning.

Kung Pao Chicken

The first wrap that hippoCHAN and I sampled was the Kung Pao Chicken Lettuce Wrap ($7 for 2), which was made with chicken breast, corn, water chestnuts, peanuts, Kung Pao sauce and sesame chilli oil.

It was quite difficult to eat it as a normal lettuce wrap, but only because there was so much chicken. We ended up forking the chunks of chicken into our mouths and finishing off the lettuce at the end. The chilli oil was definitely prominent, giving off a heaty woof. What I found interesting were the cracked up Mamee Blue Monster noodles that really invoked childhood memories.

Hoisin Chicken Roll

Our other wrap was the Hoisin Chicken Roll: Chinese five-spiced chicken, Asian salad, pickled radish, green onion and hoisin sauce. All of this flavourful goodness was wrapped in a crispy Chinese pancake.

Hoisin Chicken Roll 2

The chicken was tender and moist inside that crispy, flaky pancake. I also enjoyed all of the fresh crunchy veggies that cut through the richness of the wrap. Flavour-wise, it was quite similar to a beef roll that you would get at Peaceful. My only issue with this wrap was that it was slightly too salty due to the Hoison sauce.

Final Bytes

  1. Open from 11AM – 9PM everyday
  2. Do not fret veggie lovers, as there are vegetarian options available
  3. Everything is under $10

Foodobyte’s Rating

* Disclaimer: my meal was complementary, but all views expressed in this post are my own.

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  • Naomi Tse

    Hey I just had to comment and say I like how you described it as a “heaty woof”. I’m not even sure exactly what that means … but that’s cool! haha

    • Haha! I’m glad you enjoyed my unconventional vocabulary :P English classes have definitely benefited me! Anyway, a heaty woof is like… (in my mind)… when you eat something spicy and you literally go, “woof!” … if ya get what I mean :)

      • Naomi Tse

        lol I think so…? I’m not creative enough to come up with unconventional vocabulary haha