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Omgoshhhh! I can’t believe that this is my first post of 2015! … Good thing I didn’t make “blog more frequently” as my New Years resolution, not that my other ones are going that well either. Anyway, I may as well start the new year with a new spot: Earnest Ice Cream #2!

It’s probably old news by now that Earnest has set up shop on Quebec and 2nd near the Olympic Village. And it is gorgeous. Just look.

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Greeted by this gorgeous open kitchen!

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I looooooove the engraved stone counters! How are those even made?! Are there giant letter punchers with custom fonts?

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Ice cream! The cookies and cream was pretty yummy!

Haha, such a cute chalkboard with all their available pints ($11).

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Hazelnut whiskey… always a winner!

Final Bytes

  1. Around the same number of seating as the Fraser location
  2. Hasn’t gotten too busy at night yet
  3. 15 minute walk from Olympic Village Canadaline

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  • Cindy

    Rain or Shine is my ice cream of choice in Vancouver – have you been there before? Their peanut butter ice cream, and their cherry chocolate chip, are just heavenly! :)

    • Yup, Rain or Shine is my favourite too! :) I like their blueberry balsamic, london fog and cracked mint!