Doolami is a relatively new Chinese dessert shop on Granville St in the Marpole area. Grape wanted to check out this place, which notably serves durian ice cream. Yes. Durian. I didn’t order that specifically, but boy did I experience it regardless. The man sitting next to me was savouring each byte while his family was rushing him to scarf down the remainder of the odourous fruit. I sincerely thanked them in my brain.

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Grape ordered a traditional Chinese desert – the House Special Grass Jelly ($7.99). In the bowl was grass jelly, handmade balls (taro, yam, purple yam), peanut and lotus seed. It was very colourful, but it needed a drizzle of something sweet to tie everything together.

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All of Doolami’s ice creams are made in-house with real fruit and zero additives. They also sell glass pints of ice cream, which made me think of Doolami as the Asian Earnest Ice Cream (but not as good).

I ordered the Blueberry Lavender ($7.99) that was served in a waffle bowl. Maybe it was because I scalded my tongue with hot pho for lunch, but I couldn’t really taste the lavender. Either way, the blueberry wasn’t that strong as well, but it still tasted okay.

Its texture really surprised me: it was extremely soft and smooth like silk. So I was able to actually treat the dessert like nachos by tearing off pieces of the waffle and scooping up some ice cream. However, the waffle tasted stale.

Overall, it’s a decent dessert place, but it mainly caters to the super Asians. Doolami even has a Polaroid box to take pictures and post them on its mirrored walls. Nonetheless, for ice cream, I’ll always turn to Rain or Shine and Earnest!

Final Bytes

  1. Opens at 7PM every night
  2. Very limited seating
  3. More expensive than Rain or Shine and Earnest


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