When’s the last time you’ve felt the thrill of unraveling a mystery? I bet it’s been a while.

Fear not. Dishcrawl is here.

Dishcrawl is a company that offers an unique dining experience. On June 19th, a group of 25 food lovers will visit four restaurants in Vancouver’s West End, stretching from Burrard to Stanley Park. Which restaurants, you may ask?

Even I don’t know. Only when it’s 48 hours before the event, THEN all ticket holders will be notified of the meeting location (aka, the first restaurant). The remaining three restaurants remain unknown until the diners reach its front doors.

This is a perfect event for anyone and everyone, so long as you love to eat food! Vegetarian options are available.

The June 19th Dishcrawl starts at 7PM and lasts for ~2 hours. Tickets are $60… BUT. Use the COUPON CODE: “dishcrawlwestend” and get 20% off! As of writing this post, there are 9 tickets left – so hurry over to Dishcrawl’s website and grab ’em before they’re gone!

Here are some teaser photos of the restaurants. Can you guess which ones are they? Answer in the comments before and I’ll high-five you (in real-life at Dishcrawl, or digitally)!

Hint #1:

Hint #1

Hint #2:

Hint #2

Hint #3:

Hint #3

Hint #4:

Hint #4