Normally, I would rather do ANYTHING instead of studying biochemistry.  This all changed after my experience at Crawfish King.  All thanks to the King, I have now developed a whole new appreciation for lipids and the citric acid cycle.

When I first walked in, I was quite pleased with the fun and inviting decor: flying boats, hanging nets and giant seafood on the walls. I also noticed the bar, front and centre.  Good thing they have alcohol… because you would have to be smashed to actually enjoy their food!

The menu was extremely vague because almost everything was sold at “Market Price.”  It’s not that I don’t understand what market prices are, it’s just that they were nowhere to be seen!

After asking the waiter, he pointed to a tiny chalkboard posted above the bathroom hallway (how do you expect me to see that?!)  Although I’m not familiar with seafood pricing, my dad knew that their seafood was grossly overpriced, especially the lobster.

We ordered:

  • 2 pounds of crawfish($25.98) with “The Big Easy” sauce – mild heat
  • 1 pound of shrimp ($10.99) w/ Butter Garlic sauce – mild heat
  • Deep-fried catfish w/ fries (11.99)

After a long wait, the crawfish finally arrived and was served in plastic bag, pretty much drowning in sauce. Considering the fact that we ordered 2 pounds, there was quite a bit of crawfish… or so I foolishly thought.

I picked up a crawfish, broke it in half and slurped up all the meat – all 2 grams of it. Even worse, the absurdly mushy meat had absolutely no flavour whatsoever, despite the swimming pool of sauce. And it’s pretty sad when the corn was actually the best part of dish. Fail #1.

As with the crawfish, the shrimp was served in a plastic bag. I forgot to mention: I absolutely hate the plastic bag idea. It’s so ugly and unappetizing! Anyway, back to the shrimp… The meat was a bit more bouncy than the crawfish, but it still was completely tasteless. Fail #2.

The deep-fried catfish was definitely the only dish on our table that had any flavour! Taking a bite into it, I heard a very nice crunch that wasn’t soften by any noticeable grease. However, soon my mouth was overwhelmed by the sheer saltiness of the fish! I couldn’t eat another piece after that. At least this fish had flavour; too bad it tasted like it just swam out of the ocean and onto the plate. Fail #3.

In short, I liked everything about this restaurant except for the food… and the music!  The speakers were just blaring and booming!  No matter how much I love N’Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye”, I really don’t want to go deaf!

Final Bytes

  1. Don’t go here!

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