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Chinese Restaurant Awards 2014: The Results!

The Chinese Restaurant Awards results are out! The full list of Diners’ Choice and Critics’ Choice are available on the CRA website. Categories range all the way from Best Fine Dining Restaurant to Best Food Court Stall. Also check out my post on the dishes crafted by international Michelin star chefs!

IMG 1623

Baked Lemon BBQ Pork Pie by Dynasty Seafood Resaurant – 2013 Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Award

IMG 1669

Fried Rice Noodle w/ Meat Sauce, Slaty Peppery Chicken Nuggets and Chef’s Special Chicken by Bubble World Tea House – 2014 Diners’ Choice Awards “Best Taiwanese Restaurant/BBT Cafe”

IMG 1648

Steamed Brown Sugar Rice Cake by The Jade Seafood Restaurant – 2013 Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Award

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