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[TOP] : Shnitzelonim Salad { $13 }: crispy battered smoked tofu coasted w/ Toscana spices and GF crumbs with yam and avocado, on top of some crunchy vey with tahini and chickpeas

[BOTTOM] : Shakshuka Platter { $16 }: tangy tomato sauce infused with Mediterranean spices, carrots, jalapeño, and bell peppers, topped with a vegan sausage.

I’m a proud carnivore, so you’ll rarely find me at a vegetarian place. Well, actually, Chickpea has gone full vegan by removing all eggs from the menu. The Chickpea Experience allows you to pick a style of entree – pita, salad, hummus plate or platter.

The Shnitzelonim Salad was a party of textures with the crunchy cabbage and carrots to the soft yam and avo. The smokey flavour of the tofu made it more savoury.

I don’t know if Shrimpo and I got lucky or what, but both our dishes were awesome. The Shakshuka (try saying that 5 times quick) had a really good level of spice and heat without being overwhelming. The vegan sausage could’ve fooled me… It tasted so meaty 😲 The hummus was one of the best I’ve tasted. And finally the chickpea fries – those were a first for me! It’s more Cheeto-shaped, and less crispy than regular fries, but they still tasted great without any taste of excess oil. Even though the fries and hummus are both made with chickpeas, eating them together was awesome 💯 I was concerned that having so many different forms of chickpeas that it works eventually become redudant, but the variety of flavours and the unique entrees made the entire meal work well together.

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