Chicco Coffee  Dessert Bar

After hippoCHAN and I finished our meal at Simba’s Grill, we decided to walk around and look for a dessert place. In search of something moderately light, I decided to check out Chicco Coffee & Dessert Bar. I’ve passed by this little dessert shop many times, but never had the chance to visit until now. Why didn’t I just keep walking?

Looks like Recycling Depot

Right off the bat, this dessert shop looked more like a cardboard recycling depot. Boxes everywhere, stacked up against the wall. And was that a box of sugar on the floor? That’s totally sanitary.

Random Box

Besides the other visitors, we also got to sit next to this very attractive, but authoritative, cardboard box. What could’ve been in there? Probably their secret stash of whipped cream aerosol cans.

Very Berry Parfait Diagram

By now, you can probably tell that I didn’t like this place. Well, you’re right! But, it wasn’t the atmosphere that irked me, as much as it was the so-called dessert we received. We ordered the Very Berry Parfait ($7.95), which was dissected by this diagram.

Very Berry Parfait  Arial

Gazing from above, our dessert looked pretty decent. Vibrant colours… but let’s take a closer look.

Very Berry Parfait

BAM! This would be a more accurate representation of this dessert:

Macaron and sugar stick – so sickeningly sweet that it could’ve given us hyperglycaemia

Raspberry sorbet – its size would qualify it as a regulation ping pong ball for tournaments

Whipped cream – tasted like it was dispensed from a can as it left an oily aftertaste in my mouth

Corn flakes – this is what pissed me off most. I came here for DESSERT, not BREAKFAST. There was a ridiculous amount of cereal.

Sponge cake – we were so disappointed near the end that we didn’t even bother scraping the sponge cake off the bottom

Looking back at the diagram, we couldn’t even tell that there was strawberry marble gelato! Although, there were a couple cubes of strawberry jello, but did that cheer us up after eating this utterly disappointing dessert? Not in a million years.

This was the worst dessert I’ve ever had. Ever.

Final Bytes

  1. If you want to sit inside, each person has to order something. But why would you want to sit in a recycling depot anyway?
  2. Worst $7.95+tax spent on breakfast
  3. Check out Mimibuloveme for a REAL dessert parfait!

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  • Kirsty Ip

    oh man! I heard it was bad but not THIS BAD O.O I definitely won’t be going now!

    • Totalllllll waste of money! Mimibuloveme is 10000000x better!

    • An absolute waste of money! Go to Mimibuloveme instead! :P

  • the last time ii went to Chicco, their green tea parfait wasn’t so bad. but then again ii didn’t dissect it as thoroughly as you did :P
    aaand Mimibuloveme is delicious :) hahaha

    • I only dissected it cos I was superrrrrrr pissed! Maybe it wouldn’t have been as bad if I didn’t go to Mimibuloveme a week prior… they totally raised the standard on parfaits :P

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