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A while back, Grape and I visited Che-licious on Denman after checking out Baoguette (post coming soon) to compare each restaurant’s banh mi’s. Che-licious differs from Baoguette in that it also specializes in Vietnamese dessert drinks composed of fruits, jellies, beans with coconut milk or juice and sweetened with palm sugar.

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The one on the left was the Che-licious Special ($6.50) that was layered with pandan jelly, agar jelly, pom pearls, toddy palm, jackfruit, longan and coconut milk. It mostly tasted like coconut milk with a mix of textures from the other ingredients. The only solids that actually gave some flavour was the jackfruit and longan.

The other drink was the Che-licious Refresh ($6.25): coconut meat, basil seeds, pandan jelly, aloe vera and coconut juice. Similar to the other one, except tastes like coconut juice.

We could’ve made our own custom Che’s ($5.25 including 2 ingredients and base), but there were just too many options. Additional ingredients costed $0.50+ each.

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We also had their Heo Yeah! Banh Mi ($6.50). Inside the fresh baguette, there was crispy skin roasted pork, pate, pickled veggies and jalapeños. I found the pate/sauce was too overwhelming; I couldn’t really taste the pork.

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The skin and bread were very crunchy though. I think Baoguette wins the banh mi battle against Che-licious, so check in next week for the full review :)

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