Ever since grade 10, I wanted to become a dietitian.  It suited me well as I love food, nutrition, and helping people.  But, I never really did anything to pursuit it, with the exception of working hard in my classes.  By the time grade 12 rolled around, I really worked my butt off so I could be accepted into the UBC.

Now I am in the UBC.  And I’m actually fighting for one seat of thirty in the dietetics program.

One of the application components is a cover letter, outlined:

  1. Why do you want to apply to the program?
  2. What have you done to show that you’re qualified to become a dietitian?
  3. What are your professional goals?

When I first wrote my cover letter, it seemed so robotic – like a mere extension of my resume.  There was no passion in it, especially in part 3.  All this time, I’ve been chasing a dream that my dad created for me:  open a gym with a counselling office and a cafe that features a dietitian-designed menu.  So I wrote that.

But… Lately, I’ve realised that this dream…  Is not what I want.  There’s something else that I truly want to do with a dietetics degree.

I want to become an oncology dietitian.  I want to help people who suffer from cancer.  I want to nourish their bodies so that they can fight for their lives… and their families.

5 years ago, my aunt passed away due to cancer.  When I visited her, I just felt so helpless.  There was nothing I could do to help her other than just… being there.  And I hated that.  I wanted to do more.

Even though this was several years ago, I’ll never be the same.  Every time I think about her… It just all comes back.

What’s worse is that cancer doesn’t only take one life – it takes many.  It’s an insatiable disease.  And lately, it has taken a couple more.

And it’s not fair for cancer to do this.  A question that I always ask myself:  Why are the good people being punished?  It just doesn’t make sense… There’s plenty of evil do-ers in this world, yet it’s the good ones that are cursed.  It’s just not fair.

So, I changed my cover letter.  My aspiration is no longer to open a business, rather it’s to become an oncology dietitian so that I can help people battle this horrible disease.  I know that it’s going to be a rough journey.  And who knows whether I’m going to be accepted into the program.  But, all I can do is try and hope for the best.

  • jctru2o

    Good luck in pursuing all your goals! :)